Arturo and Josefina
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Arturo and Josefina

Our two Spanish teddies - suitable for the Spanish classroom.

Our Spanish teddy bears are each 23cm tall and manufactured in high-quality materials.  They can be sponge-cleaned if necessary, and the T-shirts are removable for washing.

Arturo looks cool and handsome in a dark-blue velour T-shirt, with his named embroidered across the front. Josefina looks regal in ruby red, and is delighted that her name is clearly embroidered on her T-shirt.

Both bears are a wonderful support in the classroom.  They enjoy participating in circle games, helping with greetings and farewells at the start and end of each lesson, and are particularly keen on teaching children in Year 3 how to spell their names.  They very much enjoy being cuddled by the children.

Both Arturo and Josefina have a starring role in the PowerPoint presentations that feature in the Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work for Spanish Year 3 and Year 4 .  This has rocketed them to fame, and they are now enjoying celebrity status and a cult following amongst students of Spanish.

Arturo and Josefina are looking forward to finding a new home with you and your children, where they can be loved and know that they are helping the children to learn and have fun.

£20 +VAT(inc p&p)

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