French Dance - DVD
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French Dance in the Primary
Classroom - DVD

featuring Yannick Minvielle-Debat & Robin Shepherd
(French years 3-6)

This DVD, for classroom use, will help teachers and children to learn five simple French dances:

  • Farandole (suitable for any age of children)

  • Jean Petit qui Danse (recommended for Year 3)
  • Polka des Bébés (recommended for Year4)
  • Cercle Circassien (recommended for Year 5)
  • Galop Nantais (recommended for Year 6)

Once the dances have been learned in easy stages, using the DVD, the accompanying audio CD can be used to provide the music for the children to dance to.

Yannick Minvielle-Debat has a wealth of experience in teaching French dance to children in Key Stage 2, making it simple and fun to learn. She provides a clear rationale for the inclusion of French dance within the Key Stage 2 curriculum, linked to the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages (Intercultural Understanding strand) and the P.E. programme of study.

Robin Shepherd is a talented musician, well experienced in providing folk dance music.  On the DVD Robin uses a melodeon and a fiddle, and on the audio CD he makes use of a variety of instruments.

The DVD and accompanying audio CD can help teachers bring intercultural understanding into the primary classroom in an enjoyable way using music and movement.

It can help to meet the following learning objectives from the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages:

  • IU 3.4 Make indirect or direct contact with the country/countries where the language is spoken
  • IU 4.1 Learn about festivals and celebrations in different cultures
  • IU 4.2 Know about some aspects of everyday life and compare them to their own
  • IU 5.1 Look at further aspects of their everyday lives from the perspective of someone from another country
  • IU 6.3 Present information about an aspect of culture

In the PE curriculum it can help to meet objectives within Dance - Unit 5e

eg. children learn different styles of dance and focus on dancing with other people. They create, perform and watch dances in a range of styles, working with partners and groups.

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