The Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work
for French (Year 4)

The Scheme of Work comprises:

  • 30 easy to follow and fully adaptable lesson plans with guidance (in WORD format)
  • PowerPoint slides with images and voice recordings to help you model new language
  • a series of innovative, cross-curricular practice parcels to reinforce language taught
  • useful websites and guide to authentic resources

N.B. The contents of the CD-ROM may be copied for use by the purchasing institution.

Please note that the scheme of work has been updated.  In order to use the full wealth of support, the Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work for French Year 4 should consist of the original binder + CD-ROM, together with the Upgrade CDs.

In year 4, children…

  • continue to use the vocabulary learnt in year 3, and learn a small amount of new vocabulary including nouns, verbs, adjectives and a conjunction. They learn to use sentence starters (in the form of simple adverbial phrases of place), e.g. Dans le sac, Chez moi.  They learn to recognise and use plural forms of nouns, and to apply adjectival agreement by gender and number.
  • recognise certain phonemes when they hear them, and identify the graphemes that can be used to represent them
  • compare pronunciation at word and sentence level by learning about the concepts of liaison and elision, knowing that the final consonant of a word is almost always silent at word level and that the final consonant in the word et is always silent.
  • create simple and sometimes more complex spoken and written sentences, e.g.
    Dans le sac il y a un chat rouge et un chien bleu.
    Dans le sac il y a trois petits chats verts et une grande baleine bleue.
  • memorise and recite a bank of finger rhymes
  • listen to stories and become familiar with stories known and loved by French children
  • learn about customs and celebrations in France and make comparisons with customs and celebrations in their own culture
  • listen to and sing along with traditional French folk songs
  • listen to and sing along with songs by the popular singer Henri Dès
  • become familiar with the works of the painters Degas, Cézanne and Matisse and the music of the composer Ravel
  • become familiar with the region  of the Dordogne in France by regularly looking at photographs on PowerPoint slides, and using webcams to make virtual visits

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