The Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work
for French (Year 6)

The Scheme of Work comprises:

  • 30 easy to follow and fully adaptable lesson plans with guidance (in WORD format)
  • a series of innovative, cross-curricular practice parcels to reinforce language taught
  • useful websites and guide to authentic resources

N.B. The contents of the CD-ROM may be copied for use by the purchasing institution.

Please note that the scheme of work for Year 6 will be updated in 2011.  The upgrade CD-ROMs should be available in Autumn 2011.  These will include PowerPoint slides with voice recordings and images that can help you to model the language for the children.

In year 6, children…

  • continue to use the vocabulary learnt in years 3, 4 and 5, and they learn new vocabulary consisting of nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions and verbs. They develop their use of sentence starters, which comprise simple adverbial phrases of place, e.g. dans la cuisine, dans le jardin, dans la piscine and also adverbial phrases of time such as aujourd’hui, À trois heures et demie. They begin to develop an understanding of tense by changing the verb and using an adverb of time.  They have opportunities to use the following tenses: present, futur proche, passé compose and imparfait.
  • continue to learn about syntax and make comparison between French and English and other languages they know.
  • can follow a strategic approach to phoneme/grapheme work and have regular practice in developing reading skills by using either Le Manuel Phonique or Methode d’apprendre à lire Pas a Pas. The PowerPoint slides that are an integral part of the scheme of work model the phonemes and show the graphemes.
  • continue to develop pronunciation and fluency when speaking or when reading aloud, and continue to apply knowledge of liaison and elision..
  • use speaking frames and writing frames to create simple and more complex spoken and written sentences, e.g.
    Aujourd’hui je vais nager dans la piscine..
    Hier j’ai entendu un petit loup gris qui chantait dan la forêt.
  • Practise reading aloud, or reciting from memory, short passages of text from a book about the history of France.
  • Continue to listen to stories and to join in reading aloud, and become familiar with stories known and loved by French children
  • consider stereotypes and role models
  • listen to and sing along with traditional French and British folk songs and learn and perform French folk dances
  • listen to and sing along with songs by the popular singer Henri Dès
  • become familiar with the works of the painters Toulouse Lautrec and Magritte and the music of the composer Chopin
  • become familiar with the town of Vichy and the surrounding volcanic region in France by regularly looking at photographs on PowerPoint slides, and using webcams to make virtual visits
  • practise regular physical fitness routines listening to music such as France Gall.

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French Year 6

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