The Catherine Cheater Schemes of Work for French can help primary teachers to meet the requirements of the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages. 

The Schemes of Work make explicit links to the five Framework strands for teaching and learning: oracy, literacy, intercultural understanding, knowledge about language and language learning strategies.  (To find out more about the Framework, click here).

The integral CD allows the teacher to adapt the lesson plans and parcels. Each Scheme of Work may be copied freely for use within the purchasing school.

How much curriculum time do I need?

Each year group in Key Stage 2 should have not less than 60 minutes per week of languages teaching.  The Schemes of Work provide lesson plans of approximately 30 minutes, together with daily practice parcels lasting notionally 5 minutes.  Many of the parcels are cross-curricular and can therefore be included within the teaching time for other subjects, especially literacy.

Lesson Plans

The 30-minute weekly lesson does not need to be delivered by the same person who will deliver the daily parcels.  However, the class teacher is vital to the enjoyment and success of the French teaching, and should be involved in some way in the delivery of both the lessons and the parcels, even if supported by a visiting teacher. The Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work is an ideal training tool for use by visiting specialists giving training and support to primary class teachers, as the 30-minute lesson can be observed or taught jointly and the daily parcels can be taught by the class teacher.


The notional length of each daily parcel is 5 minutes. Teachers should feel free to build on the suggested activities and create their own parcels.


The stories, songs and finger rhymes suggested within the Scheme of Work are all authentic, which helps children to develop knowledge of French culture.  Teachers should feel free to include other resources as necessary.

How can I access training?

Many Local Authorities have a strategic approach to training teachers, and a great number of these are using the Catherine Cheater Schemes of Work as the key training tool.  Contact your LA to find out about local training possibilities.

Additionally Golden Daffodils offer one-day introductory training courses for teachers who would like to use the Scheme of Work.  See our training section for details.

How can I improve my own level of French?

Each Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work has a large language support section on the integral CD, with native-speaker voice recordings of all key language.

Your LA, or local Language Colleges and secondary schools might offer language improvement classes.

Golden Daffodils recommend an additional resource: Teachers Talking French.