L'enfant au grelot
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L’Enfant au Grelot - DVD

(French years 3-6)

  • Best Children's Film at Stuttgart in 1998
  • Prix Spécial TV in Annecy 1998
  • Cartoon d'Or 1998, Pucinella d'Or at Naples
  • Ponzan Goats Award in Poland
  • Grand Prix at Marl in Germany

The story

During a snowstorm, an abandoned baby is found by a postman in the middle of a forest clutching a strange sleighbell. The child, Charlie, grows up in a small orphanage with six other boys. He often confides in his keepsake, and tries to unravel the mystery of his origin.

This award winning children’s film will provide children with an opportunity to watch a French DVD whilst listening to the audio track in French. There are optional French subtitles, and the option also of listening to the audio track in English.

Watching the DVD can help to meet the following objectives from the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages:

  • 5.3 Listen attentively and understand more complex phrases and sentences
  • 6.1 Understand the main points and simple opinions in a spoken story, song or passage
  • 6.3 Understand longer and more complex phrases or sentences

RRP £20 (inc P&P)

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