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Norbert ®

The cuddly teddy for the Key Stage One French classroom

Norbert loves being with children in nursery, foundation and Key Stage One. He’s big, soft and cuddly. He particularly enjoys being greeted in French, and being passed around from child to child during circle time.

He loves listening to stories and sitting with the children when they sing French songs and play games.

Norbert would love to find a home with the children in your school, so that he can show them his lovely scarf and they can learn how he spells his name.

The children are fascinated to learn that Norbert’s name is seven letters long, with two syllables, and that the final letter is a consonant which is silent! (Shhh!)

The children think it’s strange that Norbert doesn’t pronounce the final consonant in his name, because he is after all a French teddy bear – un ours – and we always sound out the final consonant of the word ours!

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