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Norbert the Bear Stories

Volume 1 (CD-ROM)
Bilingual French Stories for the Key Stage 1 classroom

by Michèle Martin with Catherine and Kevin Cheater

These eleven stories on CD-ROM, designed for use on the interactive whiteboard in a whole-class context, are designed as simple and easy-to-use PowerPoint presentations.

Presented and narrated in both French and English, they can be used to help develop language and conceptual understanding, in young children aged 4 to 7.

The stories introduce the concepts of nationality and dual-nationality, as we see the world through the eyes of Norbert the Bear. 

Teacher guidance can be printed from the CD-ROM and gives a wealth of ideas for exploiting the texts.

  1. Children can learn about Norbert through these 11 simple stories:

    1 Je m’appelle Norbert / My name is Norbert
    2 J’ai un chat / I have a cat
    3 Norbert au volant / Norbert at the wheel
    4 Norbert et le houx / Norbert and the holly
    5 L’Oncle James vient à Paris / Uncle James comes to Paris
    6 Norbert a faim / Norbert is hungry
    7 Les hélicoptères / The helicopters
    8. Norbert à Versailles / Norbert in Versailles
    9. Norbert dévore / Norbert devours books
    10 Norbert au bord de la mer / Norbert at the seaside
    11 Mon doudou / My snuggle toy

In this resource:

  • eleven stories in PowerPoint format on CD-ROM, with text in French and English and voice recordings in French by the author, Michèle Martin and in English by Catherine Cheater
  • Teacher Guidance to print
  • each story in printable format from the CD-ROM

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Norbert the bear

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