L'enfant au grelot
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Paolo and Francesca

Our two Italian teddies - suitable for the Italian classroom.

Our Italian teddy bears are each 10 inches tall and manufactured in high-quality materials. They can be sponge-cleaned if necessary, and their knitted jumpers can be removed for hand-washing.

Paolo looks handsome and energetic in a green knitted jumper, with his named embroidered across the front.

Francesca looks “bella” in her red knitted jumper, and is delighted that her name is clearly embroidered on the front.

Both bears are a wonderful support in the classroom. They bring a real Italian flavour and excitement into school and really adore being with the children.

Paolo and Francesca are looking forward to finding a new home with you and your children, where they can be loved and know that they are helping the children to learn and have fun.

RRP £15 +VAT (inc P&P)

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