Simple comme Bonjour! CD-ROM
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Simple comme Bonjour! - CD ROM

By Michèle Martin with Catherine and Kevin Cheater (French KS2 and KS3)

These texts are designed to help build confidence in reading aloud, in reading and listening comprehension, and dictionary skills, and are suitable for children in upper Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3. Each text helps to convey aspects of French culture and everyday life. The texts can be displayed on the whiteboard, and the narration can be heard in French if desired. Printable resources include:

  • each text on an A4 sheet, for pupils to stick in their exercise books
  • comprehension worksheet
  • a crossword for enjoyment and challenge
  • a dictionary skills worksheet, allowing learners to use a dictionary for real purposes, to look up words for meaning and to identify word types. N.B. for the dictionary activities, learners need access to a dictionary such as the Collins Pocket French Dictionary.

At KS3 this resource can be used to supply material for cover lessons.

Stories include:

  • La France
  • Voici la Bretagne
  • Noël
  • En autobus
  • Prendre le Métro
  • La Tour Eiffel (prose)
  • La Tour Eiffel (poem)
  • Les ponts de Paris
  • À Carnac en Bretagne sud

These nine texts will delight young learners as they develop a pleasure of reading in French, and discover the delights of Paris and Brittany and many aspects of everyday life in France.

In this resource:

  • nine texts in PowerPoint format on CD-ROM, with text in French and English and voice recordings in French by the author, Michèle Martin
  • hyperlinks to footnotes to explain key vocabulary or aspects of French life and culture
  • each story in printable format from the CD-ROM
  • additional printable resources including crosswords, comprehension exercises and dictionary skills activities

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