Simple comme Bonjour! CD-ROM
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Simple comme Bonjour! - CD ROM

By Michèle Martin with Catherine and Kevin Cheater (French Level 1)

At niveau 1 these texts are the first in a series designed to help build confidence in reading, and are suitable for children in upper Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3.

Stories include:

  • La France
  • Voici la Bretagne
  • Noël
  • En autobus
  • Prendre le Métro
  • La Tour Eiffel (prose)
  • La Tour Eiffel (poem)
  • Les ponts de Paris
  • À Carnac en Bretagne sud

These nine texts will delight young learners as they develop a pleasure of reading in French, and discover the delights of Paris and Brittany and many aspects of everyday life in France.

In this resource:

  • nine texts in PowerPoint format on CD-ROM, with text in French and English and voice recordings in French by the author, Michèle Martin
  • hyperlinks to footnotes to explain key vocabulary or aspects of French life and culture
  • each story in printable format from the CD-ROM
  • additional printable resources including crosswords, comprehension exercises and dictionary skills activities

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