Our trainers include...

Odette Hunt

Odette Hunt

A former primary school teacher, Odette became a Local Authority Primary Languages Consultant in 2005 before going independent in 2011. She is passionate about language learning; making it fun and accessible is a key message in her work with both primary and secondary colleagues. She has provided training, support and guidance to over 80 schools in her own local authority, has been a speaker at both national and local conferences and has run training and workshops in many LAs.

A firm believer in “making it real”, Odette has led on many exciting initiatives and has been responsible for taking over 100 teachers to France and Spain, enabling them to develop their language and form genuine school links.

Odette offers bespoke training for schools, clusters and LAs and a range of workshops and courses which include:

  • How to teach from the Catherine Cheater Schemes of work for French or Spanish
  • Using finger rhymes, songs and stories
  • Meeting the literacy objectives of the KS2 Framework for Languages
  • Progression in Key Stage 2
  • Using ICT to enhance language learning
  • Collaborative ways of working (KS2 – KS3)
  • Organising language projects
  •  “Language Detective” Days

Email: odette@odettehunt.co.uk

Website: www.odettehunt.co.uk

Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks is an experienced French and German teacher, Head of Department, Teacher Trainer, Language Adviser and Ofsted inspector.
He led the successful Primary Languages Strategy in Northants, which included teaching classes and providing comprehensive resources and training on language learning. He has co-ordinated and led sessions for ELL LSGs and worked closely with the East Midlands network of language advisers.
Jonathan is passionate about helping learners to succeed and about helping teachers to achieve this. He specialises in coaching teachers to improve the quality of their teaching.

Workshops and courses offered include:

  • Ensuring successful Primary Languages provision
  • Progression in Key Stage 2
  • Transition from Key Stage 2 to 3


  • Assessment for Learning – engaging learners in an on-going dialogue about language learning so they become collaborative and independent learners
  • Planning the sequence of language learning in the most effective way to ensure that learners succeed
  • Using the Renewed KS3 Framework for Languages to develop good language learners.
  • A systematic approach to getting pupils (and teachers) to speak the language routinely in lessons.
  • Improving from “inadequate” to “good” and from “good” to “outstanding”.
  • Developing leadership skills.
Email: jonathanb35@yahoo.co.uk

Nigel Pearson

Nigel Pearson

Originally from Chester, Nigel has worked abroad in a variety of contexts teaching English.  In the UK he has taught German, English French in secondary and middle schools.

He was awarded German Primary Teacher of the Year in 2004/5. As a trainer and consultant Nigel has worked in Liverpool as Advisory Teacher at the award winning Centres of Excellence for primary German, and until very recently he has worked as Language Teaching Advisor for CILT, the National Centre for languages.

His especial interests are: motivating children to achieve, language challenge and games, embedding, cultural links for schools with partner schools abroad, making resources, storytelling and making primary language learning enjoyable.

Beyond work Nigel’s interests include painting, singing, church bell ringing and supporting Macclesfield Town FC.

Workshops and courses offered include:

  • German for Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2
  • French for Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2

Other training:

  • songs and games
  • embedding in the wider school
  • links abroad
  • subject leadership
  • organising language festivals and special occasions
  • subject leadership
  • assessment
  • creating / adapting resources
  • storytelling

Email: nandlpearson@ntlworld.com

Michaela Howard

Michaela Howard

Michaela Howard is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher and trainer of languages. Originally a secondary French and German teacher, Michaela has spent many years working in primary languages, as an outreach teacher in language colleges across the country, and then as a primary languages consultant, both at local and regional level. A National Trainer on the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages, Michaela has been involved in running CILT courses abroad, training across the spectrum of primary languages through her role as Regional Primary Languages Consultant for Comenius East Midlands, and also runs the language module of Return to Teaching courses, as well as training for Links into Languages. She has written articles for the ELL bulletin and BECTA, has run a regional support group for languages, and now enjoys teaching languages part-time at KS1 and KS2 alongside her role as a trainer.

Training offered includes:

  • Teaching using the Catherine Cheater Schemes of Work for French
  • Assessment for Primary Languages
  • Progression in language learning
  • Developing Intercultural Understanding
  • Creative ideas for the Primary Languages classroom

Email: michaelahoward01@gmail.com

Alison Cave

Alison Cave

Alison Cave is a Languages AST who has an enthusiasm and passion for teaching and learning in Languages which spans many years working as a head of department in Middle School and more recently PMFL cluster coordinator in a Language College.  She is a Cilt Regional trainer and more recently a trainer for The Network for Languages (formerly Links). She has coordinated a Cilt Local Support Group for languages. During the last 5 years she has delivered training sessions and conference workshops throughout the East Midlands in all aspects of Primary Languages.

At present Alison teaches languages at KS2 and KS3 and coaches teachers at KS2 together with her role as a local authority trainer.  She has delivered information sessions on the role of MFL in the primary curriculum to parents and school governors.

Training and workshops offered include:

  • Teaching using the Catherine Cheater Schemes of Work for French Years 3-6
  • Let’s get creative! Thematic planning for single and mixed-age classes
  • embedding in the wider school
  • developing subject leadership
  • organising language theme days
  •  celebrating festivals

Email: alicave@hotmail.com